The Universal Virginity

​There is only one virginity in our society, as we know of. And probably the least important factor in the rising aware world. We used this term to guess some “important” issues such as, “Is the girl trustworthy?” or “Is the boy a gentleman?”

But beyond this superficial term, there is another forgotten quality that we lost in ‘the race’.
What kind of people do you like to be around?

What company would you enjoy?

Remember that old man who still smiled like a kid? Remember that pretty middle aged woman whose eyes still sparkle?
Such people are always a warmth to be around. And that is what we call the Universal Virginity.

Universal virginity is nothing but the quality we all had when we were young but as time and tide thrashed us down the road, we had to change, we had to talk differently, we had to think differently, we started to look different and see different things.

We lost our virginity. We lost our innocence.

We lost the beautiful power,  to smell the flowers, to stare at the stars with no reason, search the sky for shapes, laugh at our own thoughts.

In the race to acquire what we want, we get ready to do things that might risk this ‘virginity’. And after all these years we don’t remember that win. All we remember are the good old days.
And each of you vivid readers who got to the end of this blog knows that once lost, we cannot get this back. Because once we lose it, we need places to visit instead of our imaginations, we need excitement to laugh and on a broader level, we need sex to love.
It’s in our destiny to get what we desire.

But each of us comes at a point when we have to decide one of two things.

One might bring you closer to the goal wrongly, making you a little more darker.

The other one might be a more mature option, to know what’s necessary for your soul.

Take a moment to think what you will win and what you might lose.
Because we never remember our life in days or hours. We remember them in moments.



​”fear” !! this one ugly frightening word and so many things keep flashing in our minds.Everyone has their own fears.  some have fear of water, some of dogs some are afraid to be  left alone when they are weak.

some have stage fear, some fear to bring themselves in people out of their comfort zones because of their complexes and so on..
But these exactly are the things that hold us back from developing ourselves. Hiding the real  self of ours. We fear doing those things, making the complexes grow stronger  inside our heads.

A time comes and we actually start believing them and so do other people and boom! The delusional version of you starts replacing the original one.

  So dont run away from your fears,dont fight them. Embrace them ,live them ,break them down ,show them you are not afraid of doing things they keep whispering “you can’t”

yes, your mind is gonna resist, as it has always. But be strong,don’t give up ,it’s just a matter of few more tries and all your weaknesses will be vanished and you are gonna be stronger and better than you have ever been.

who knows a man who had water phobia will become a master swimmer or a person who had stage fear will represent the whole contry tomorrow in front of the world.

So don’t waste your time in finding escapes from your fears. The only way out is through.


What if you haven’t really woken up?
What if you’re still in your dream and just one acceptance away from doing the impossible? 

That you’re just the imaginary G.I.Joe controlled by your mind, and it doesn’t matter what you do the day will go on. 

The events will happen and the only thing in your control is: your reaction to every event. 

You could be James Bond or you can be courage the cowardly dog.

It is all upto you if you want to wake up proud and fresh or with a drag. 

Have a nice day!

We all believe that whatever we do is because of the things that happen to us.

But have you noticed how some people behave the opposite way?

It is that balance we try to maintain which makes us do weird things. And if we know a few of these things, they might not change your lives but at the very least give you a good laugh knowing what’s in their minds.


When we are afraid, we don’t behave afraid. Yes, shivering and goosebumps may tell you otherwise. But wait for exactly 5 more minutes and you’ll find yourself insecure. Another 5 minute and you are angry. You’ll just filling up your holes which were dug up by your fear. And by then you have no clue what you are doing and you are fighting and screaming your lungs out.


There is one more example almost everyone can relate to.

We all must have met a crippled person at some point of our lives. And no matter how polite we were, they would almost always be rude. And they would be courageous. They would act as if they are the strongest people in the world.

How did this happen?

They were conditioned by the society to believe they were weak. And that is why they conditioned themselves to be the strongest people.


When we are insecure about ourselves we tend to show we are independent and strong and reliable.

When we are sad we try to fake a smile and revert the changes.


Basically, when one chocolate cookie goes missing from a box, it is one less cookie. But in our minds, it is TWO cookies. Just for the hell of it.


And to deal these attitudes we use tools.

And these tools are very common yet very viscous..

They are called escapes.

Like music or pleasure or chats or fights or even keeping ourselves busy in petty little thoughts.




We always try to just live half a moment. That’s not enough.

Good or bad times, it is best to just dive into it and swim too the bottom of it.

You don’t have to pretend to be happy when you are sad. You don’t have to look sad when you are happy just so that you won’t hurt someone’s feelings.

Because it is only after you’ve soaked up that entire moment that you realize who you are and what your smile costs.

And that’s when you’ll know that “Happiness cannot be created. It can only be protected.”

Something about love !

Right since humans existed..

We were not meant to become engineers or world leaders or stuff.. But what happened then..? Why did we become what we are right now !!?

Because men got selfish..they weren’t satisfied..

In the beginning it was just a couple and their kids.. hunting and building houses..

Then came desires to be superior..

Then came war and fights..

But if those people had been keen on finding love they could have had a happy life..

It’s just because of a few dark people that we believe that power and money is more important than love..

Every little war was fought because some people strayed away from their own lives..they hurt other people, someone’s love..and to retaliate, everyone started fighting with everyone in this race for power and money and fame..


It could all have been solved if *all* people would have focused on themselves being happy and falling in love isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity..


What is better? Natural skills or learnt skills?


I’ve always wondered what has more value. Skills we have inbuilt with us or the skills we acquire intentionally?

Everyone has inborn talents. Some have good intuitions. Some have good navigating skills. Some can eat anything and yet not get sick. Some are naturally strong even without doing any exertion ever.


Then there are the talents that people adapt to learn. Drunk driving. Lying. Body building. Courage- the weak ones drastically become the leaders, they were always afraid to get hurt and one sudden moment they are ready to die just to let their pride unharmed.


Personally I feel that no talent is bigger or smaller. But natural talents are often ignored. They are not considered special and therefore not paid attention to. Even though these skills are sharper with the type 1 people than the type 2 people, they are hidden, piled up by the desires of wanting more, learning more.


So as all the answers of the universe are bent towards balance, my opinion is that respect your built-in gifts and also bend towards new skills. There is no limitation to the human brain. There is no skill that cannot be learned by anyone with all their body parts normal. They don’t even need to be healthy, just be present.


I’ve realised something. Pure metals always bend. Whereas alloys and mixtures and compounds might break but never bend. The world depends on the second type. Maybe this is what nature tells us subtly; the big picture when stared at for a while.