What is better? Natural skills or learnt skills?


I’ve always wondered what has more value. Skills we have inbuilt with us or the skills we acquire intentionally?

Everyone has inborn talents. Some have good intuitions. Some have good navigating skills. Some can eat anything and yet not get sick. Some are naturally strong even without doing any exertion ever.


Then there are the talents that people adapt to learn. Drunk driving. Lying. Body building. Courage- the weak ones drastically become the leaders, they were always afraid to get hurt and one sudden moment they are ready to die just to let their pride unharmed.


Personally I feel that no talent is bigger or smaller. But natural talents are often ignored. They are not considered special and therefore not paid attention to. Even though these skills are sharper with the type 1 people than the type 2 people, they are hidden, piled up by the desires of wanting more, learning more.


So as all the answers of the universe are bent towards balance, my opinion is that respect your built-in gifts and also bend towards new skills. There is no limitation to the human brain. There is no skill that cannot be learned by anyone with all their body parts normal. They don’t even need to be healthy, just be present.


I’ve realised something. Pure metals always bend. Whereas alloys and mixtures and compounds might break but never bend. The world depends on the second type. Maybe this is what nature tells us subtly; the big picture when stared at for a while.


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