Right since humans existed..

We were not meant to become engineers or world leaders or stuff.. But what happened then..? Why did we become what we are right now !!?

Because men got selfish..they weren’t satisfied..

In the beginning it was just a couple and their kids.. hunting and building houses..

Then came desires to be superior..

Then came war and fights..

But if those people had been keen on finding love they could have had a happy life..

It’s just because of a few dark people that we believe that power and money is more important than love..

Every little war was fought because some people strayed away from their own lives..they hurt other people, someone’s love..and to retaliate, everyone started fighting with everyone in this race for power and money and fame..


It could all have been solved if *all* people would have focused on themselves being happy and falling in love..so love isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity..


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