We all believe that whatever we do is because of the things that happen to us.

But have you noticed how some people behave the opposite way?

It is that balance we try to maintain which makes us do weird things. And if we know a few of these things, they might not change your lives but at the very least give you a good laugh knowing what’s in their minds.


When we are afraid, we don’t behave afraid. Yes, shivering and goosebumps may tell you otherwise. But wait for exactly 5 more minutes and you’ll find yourself insecure. Another 5 minute and you are angry. You’ll just filling up your holes which were dug up by your fear. And by then you have no clue what you are doing and you are fighting and screaming your lungs out.


There is one more example almost everyone can relate to.

We all must have met a crippled person at some point of our lives. And no matter how polite we were, they would almost always be rude. And they would be courageous. They would act as if they are the strongest people in the world.

How did this happen?

They were conditioned by the society to believe they were weak. And that is why they conditioned themselves to be the strongest people.


When we are insecure about ourselves we tend to show we are independent and strong and reliable.

When we are sad we try to fake a smile and revert the changes.


Basically, when one chocolate cookie goes missing from a box, it is one less cookie. But in our minds, it is TWO cookies. Just for the hell of it.


And to deal these attitudes we use tools.

And these tools are very common yet very viscous..

They are called escapes.

Like music or pleasure or chats or fights or even keeping ourselves busy in petty little thoughts.




We always try to just live half a moment. That’s not enough.

Good or bad times, it is best to just dive into it and swim too the bottom of it.

You don’t have to pretend to be happy when you are sad. You don’t have to look sad when you are happy just so that you won’t hurt someone’s feelings.

Because it is only after you’ve soaked up that entire moment that you realize who you are and what your smile costs.

And that’s when you’ll know that “Happiness cannot be created. It can only be protected.”


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