​”fear” !! this one ugly frightening word and so many things keep flashing in our minds.Everyone has their own fears.  some have fear of water, some of dogs some are afraid to be  left alone when they are weak.

some have stage fear, some fear to bring themselves in people out of their comfort zones because of their complexes and so on..
But these exactly are the things that hold us back from developing ourselves. Hiding the real  self of ours. We fear doing those things, making the complexes grow stronger  inside our heads.

A time comes and we actually start believing them and so do other people and boom! The delusional version of you starts replacing the original one.

  So dont run away from your fears,dont fight them. Embrace them ,live them ,break them down ,show them you are not afraid of doing things they keep whispering “you can’t”

yes, your mind is gonna resist, as it has always. But be strong,don’t give up ,it’s just a matter of few more tries and all your weaknesses will be vanished and you are gonna be stronger and better than you have ever been.

who knows a man who had water phobia will become a master swimmer or a person who had stage fear will represent the whole contry tomorrow in front of the world.

So don’t waste your time in finding escapes from your fears. The only way out is through.


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