​There is only one virginity in our society, as we know of. And probably the least important factor in the rising aware world. We used this term to guess some “important” issues such as, “Is the girl trustworthy?” or “Is the boy a gentleman?”

But beyond this superficial term, there is another forgotten quality that we lost in ‘the race’.
What kind of people do you like to be around?

What company would you enjoy?

Remember that old man who still smiled like a kid? Remember that pretty middle aged woman whose eyes still sparkle?
Such people are always a warmth to be around. And that is what we call the Universal Virginity.

Universal virginity is nothing but the quality we all had when we were young but as time and tide thrashed us down the road, we had to change, we had to talk differently, we had to think differently, we started to look different and see different things.

We lost our virginity. We lost our innocence.

We lost the beautiful power,  to smell the flowers, to stare at the stars with no reason, search the sky for shapes, laugh at our own thoughts.

In the race to acquire what we want, we get ready to do things that might risk this ‘virginity’. And after all these years we don’t remember that win. All we remember are the good old days.
And each of you vivid readers who got to the end of this blog knows that once lost, we cannot get this back. Because once we lose it, we need places to visit instead of our imaginations, we need excitement to laugh and on a broader level, we need sex to love.
It’s in our destiny to get what we desire.

But each of us comes at a point when we have to decide one of two things.

One might bring you closer to the goal wrongly, making you a little more darker.

The other one might be a more mature option, to know what’s necessary for your soul.

Take a moment to think what you will win and what you might lose.
Because we never remember our life in days or hours. We remember them in moments.


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